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About Us

Flint Edge celebrates the evolution of male grooming from the humble ‘flint edge’ as a shaving tool, to the creation of one of the most highly developed bodycare systems available today - that doesn’t forget its ‘Stone Age’ roots.

The brainchild of Ratan Daryani, a well-known figure in the cosmetics industry (Ratan was a senior executive at the Body Shop and co-founder of Virgin Cosmetics), Flint Edge is all about providing men with a system that fits into their lifestyles - and which works.

Ratan’s extensive knowledge of cosmetics retailing, combined with more practical experience including product development and formulations, has resulted in the creation of a natural-based ‘head to toe’ range for men. “Flint Edge has been created to appeal to the stylish, masculine man who cares about his overall appearance,” comments Ratan, “but he doesn’t have time to mess around with too many lotions and potions. This is why I have started off with a core range of products, which I believe offer real benefits and visible results.”

Flint Edge products have been created using premium ingredients that are specially formulated for a man’s skin. They combine nature’s most tried-and-tested healing botanicals, vitamins and the latest discoveries in skincare, to create effective formulas that work for today’s modern man.

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